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Stefan Dicu shared this question 2 years ago

Hi ,

We have several control reports created, which their purpose is to show if anything is wrong. If all is OK then the reports are empty (No results returned). We want to add these reports in a Check/Control Dashboard but it looks ugly with all reports showing "No results returned.".

Can we customize this message or put some sort of conditional formatting that when there are no lines/values in the report (which is a good thing) to display some icons (like thumbs up or something similar) ?


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Hey Stefan,

What you're after is a product idea raised over here which I have now subscribed you to, please vote on that idea to up the visibility on our end.

Further updates on that idea will be posted there so will close down this question.

Apologies as this is not yet supported, please let me know if you needed anything else.




Hi David,

Thanks for your reply but unfortunately that was not what I wanted to "hear". I see already the idea is 4 years old and nothing has been done on this so basically you are saying it is not possible and will not be looked at.


It is not possibly right now correct, but I assure you it will be looked at.

If it was not being looked at, we would flag it as 'not planned'. With a total of 22 votes now I suspect it won't be too far in the future.

Sorry I could not give you a better answer

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