Custom-HTML Widget Yellowfin 9.4

Philipp U. shared this question 24 days ago
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Hi all,

I'd like to create a custom HTML widget that dynamically displays a date, virtually exactly like this guide for yellowfin 7:

The problem is that the HTML for this no longer seems to be supported. Would anyone be able to guide me as to how I would add this now? Perhaps there is a section of the new wiki that covers this?

I am using Yellowfin 9.4

Many thanks,


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Hi Philipp,

Just so you're aware I don't work for Yellowfin, I work for a YF partner.

This section of the wiki is probably what you're after. An example of getting data from a report via the API is here.



Hey Philipp,

I hope you are well & had a lovely weekend :)

I just wanted to check in here, to see if the information provided for you, by Lex, was what you were after?

Let me know :)

Best Wishes,