Create URL to open report based on a filter value

JonT shared this question 4 years ago

I found this article that is effectively what I am looking to do, but when I follow the instructions I do not see the filter and filter ID (numeric) listed in the response.

The pictures in the link do not work so I cannot see for sure what is expected to be used for the filter, but this is what I have from my browser when inspecting the filter.


I tried adding &filterTitle='hostname' to the end of the URL, but that did not work or provide any different data than what the report had. In fact, it seemed as though it dropped the additional part from added to the original URL altogether. The word hostname is just how it was formatted, I used an actual valid host from the original list, but nothing was output.

I plan to keep digging, but has anyone been able to edit or modify a URL to perform something like this? We are looking to build a URL based on a hostname and have a report that has some pre-defined information and then filter on the host selected from the external application. The idea is, when a user is working with a host in particular, they can click a link that will launch the reporting UI and basically run the report with input for the hostname as a filter. We have the report and link, just need the additional info to get the filter added to the URL correctly so we can have the template ready to go.


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Simon, thank you and thanks for the screenshots! That was the ticket, I had my blinders on. Worked like a champ. We are going to play around with the functionality, but this will get us started.


Yes, thank you. I have another topic open and if things work out, I will be sure to flag it answered. Appreciate the help!

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