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Lex Clay shared this question 3 years ago

Hi Fishes,

Can you tell me where the content settings are held in the config database. We have a bunch of changes we need to make with every instance for a specific solution & it would be much more efficient if we could script the changes we need to make to the content settings.

Many thanks

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Hi Lex,

The Configuration table in the database holds a lot of the features from the Content Settings page in the Admin Console. In theory, you can use the REST API to update a lot of those settings, to avoid making direct edits to the database.

There's a web service for getting and updating system configuration options (see our REST API dev wiki here). You could then write a file that includes all those updates to be run in one go.

I hope that helps

Kind regards,



Doh, of course it's the config stupid of me.

Good to know the REST API has these now, last time I looked it was still very much in its infancy...I'll have another gander. Cheers bud. You can close this one off.


No worries, have a good one!

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