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Ivan Borshukov shared this question 23 months ago


I have a question regarding content folders and how to manage them when using multiple client orgs.

I have the following setup. In the Default organisation I have a Folder and a sub-folder (MyApp > Reports) that hold some reports. Those reports are public, so they're shared across all client orgs (which is fine, that's what I want).

I want to have another sub-folder (or folder & sub-folder), i.e. MyApp > My Reports. I want users across client orgs to be able to save personal content in the My Reports folder.

However, if I create the MyApp > My Reports folder in the Default client org, then users from all other client orgs are not able to write to it.

I've tried to create My App > My Reports in a separate client org (not the Default one), and then users from this org are able to see and write to the folder, but I'll have to create it in each and every client org I have.

So here comes my question. Should I create a separate My App > My Reports folder in each client org, or there is a way to create the folder structure once and reuse it?



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Hi Ivan,

Thanks for reaching out. The separate folder per Client org setup would be the best way to accomplish this, I'd suggest maybe using an API call to create these folders programmatically in a deployment scenario, see here -

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any additional inquiries here.




Hi Eric,

Thanks for the information. This sorts out the question for now.

I'll try to automate the directory creation and will reach out if I have any additional questions.



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