Configuring yellowfin in 3 Tier Architecture with Web Server

Karthik Kannan shared this question 6 years ago

Hi Yellowfin Team,

We are planning to host the yellowfin reports in web server with IIS or Apache Tomcat using 3 tier architecture. we are planning to use 3 nodes (systems) for this purpose. One node is used for Yellowfin reports hosting; One node is used for running yellowfin services (the system in which yellowfin is installed and running); One node is used for database server.

How to achieve this architecture ?

How to host the yellowfin in IIS or Apache Tomcat ?

How to assign domain name to yellowfin page instead of localhost:8080 ?

Thanks in Advance,

Karthik K

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Hello Karthik,

Thanks for the questions!

Lets give a little bit of background information as to how Yellowfin installs and functions behind the scenes:

When you install Yellowfin, it installs with a preconfigured Tomcat install to allow yellowfin to work out of the box straight after install.

The reporting and services are all run from the same instance of Yellowfin, you can also install this on the same server as you database if that makes things easier for you from a network standpoint.

If not and you already have a stand alone database server, you can install Yellowfin separately and configure it to use the pre-setup database system - Yellowfin doesn't really mind whichever way you decide to do this!

As you can see, the install should be pretty straight forwards and you only have to use one or two nodes for create a successfuly working system.

You cannot host Yellowfin in IIS and as Tomcat is part of the installer, it's best to stick with this as it should just "work" straight after install.

Configuring the domain name is down to setting DNS entries correctly on your network.

You will need to configure this on you DNS/Domain controller - this is external from Yellowfin

As a starting point (as you are asking about IIS, I'm assuming you're using Windows) Microsoft have documentation here on how to configure DNS services - but this process might be different depending on what version of Microsoft Server you are using:

I hope this helps!

Please let us know if you require any further help with your system implementation.

Best regards,



Hi Peter Turner,

Thanks for your fast reply.

From your mail, i understand that you are guiding us to use 2 tier architecture or single tier architecture. 2 tier architecture means database in one system and yellowfin in another system. i want to know how to configure it so that it will be available via Internet.

Some resources available in internet regarding configuring yellowfin with IIS.

Here with attached a PDF from downloaded from internet. It is one of the official documentation of Yellowfin ?

Why it is not possible to use 3 tier architecture ?

Please guide us deploying Yellowfin with domain name ?

Thanks in Advance,

Karthik K.


Hi Peter Turner

We like to achieve a architecture like the attachment. Please guide us to achieve this.

Thanks in Advance,

Karthik K.


Hello Karthik,

I wanted to chime in on this conversation and reiterate some of what Peter has discussed. Overall, if you need help with deploying your architecture and environment, this is going to fall under paid consulting. I can, however, offer some available knowledge to point you in the right direction.

On the first note of installing Yellowfin into IIS or Apache Tomcat: Yellowfin ships with a bundled Apache Tomcat. It is recommended that this is used, as installing into an existing application server is possible but not officially supported. We do have some documentation available on installing into an existing application server here. While it's possible to install Yellowfin into IIS, it's not a process many of our clients are using and it is not also not officially supported. That being said, you can find the process of installing it into IIS here.

As far as the three nodes you're describing, in particular 'Yellowfin reports hosting', it's a little unclear as to what you're trying to accomplish. I feel a deeper understanding of Yellowfin would benefit you. Yellowfin is an application that runs on Tomcat. Yellowfin then connects to a Configuration Database that stores all of your settings and reports that are built within Yellowfin. This Yellowfin Configuration Database does not have to be on the same device as the Yellowfin application.

To create reports, Yellowfin must connect to a Data Source. This will be your Data Warehouse where your data is stored. Yellowfin reports on this data. By this same token, a 3 node installation simply means that you have your Yellowfin Configuration Database on its own server, which isn't a bad idea. There's no special configuration that needs to happen to do this.

This should cover your first two questions. If I'm misunderstanding your 'Yellowfin reports hosting' comment, please detail that.

On the note of assigning the domain name to Yellowfin: There's an internal option under 'Administration' > 'Configuration' > gear icon > 'General Settings' > 'External Base URL'. Setting this to your domain name + port number will configure the Yellowfin redirects to the domain name specified. That being said, there's a much greater deal of network configuration that goes into your DNS configurations, port forwarding (where needed), etc. This should be the job of a Network Administrator and can't be easily configured within Yellowfin itself. I suspect if you're creating this 3 node structure and web servers you should have a good understanding of how to accomplish this.

If what has been discussed here doesn't make sense, we can look at getting you in touch with a consultant. If you choose to go this route, the request will be forwarded to your Account Manager and handled through that channel.

If you have any questions on this information, don't hesitate to let us know.





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