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May Cai shared this question 4 years ago

Hi all, I am new to Yellowfin and trying to decide if my company would like to purchase it. I got a 30 trial license. So I am testing around. I plot a chart with x axis time intervals and y axis irradiance values. I am trying to change the x axis scale unit so that it does not include every single label in order to make my x axis visible. Now it looks like this, which is not readable.

I looked up axis tab expecting to see a scale option to adjust my scale according to the user guideline. But I don't see any scale option like the user guideline shows. I wonder if this is because of the free trial version?

Thank you for any help!

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Hello Mai,

To help clear up your x-axis, you need to turn on "Time series"


This will make the x-axis much more readable than it currently is!

Further information can be found here:

If you have any further issues, please let us know.

Have a great day,