Chart Brushing does not work on additional Dashboard Subtabs

Lex Clay shared this problem 22 days ago
Defect Logged

Hi Simon,

Finally got around to installing 9.5.1 and have some more info for appears to be a similar issue to the one where elements were appearing on the wrong subtab. I created a dashboard with 4 subtabs and put the same 2 reports on each subtab, one with the brushing interaction enabled and the other with it disabled. On the first subtab, this worked perfectly...on every other subtab, the brushing interaction remained available even though it had been disabled in the widget options.

See video here

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Hi Lex,

Thanks for raising this.

I've gone ahead and managed to replicate this successfully, where I have raised a task for our Developers to assess the issue. Although this is similar to the original issue, I will keep it separated for ease of communication and clarity.

Let me know if you have any further questions. Otherwise, I will get back to you with any updates from our Developers.

Kind regards,