Change the Import workflow to prevent duplicate data sources

Neal Dennis shared this idea 4 years ago
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We would like to encourage the clients to share their in-house reports more, but the current import process is risky.

When client A exports a report, the view, folders and data source are also exported.When client B tries to import the file, if the default settings are followed, all of the dependencies will be loaded.

This will result in 2 data sources which could cause a privacy breach if client B has access to client A’s data (this is possible if they are both on the same instance of Yellowfin) or a licence could be breached kicking all clients off Yellowfin if they are only licenced for a single data source.

Whilst the process to select ‘custom’, import only the report and point it to the correct data source avoids this problem, it is not intuitive and assumes that the operator knows the correct procedure.

I would like to request that this process change.

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