Cannot Access Input steps from a transformation flow

jim fuller shared this question 5 years ago

This ticket says answered, but there's no answer and I'm facing the same issue. I cannot create an Input Step in the Transformation Flow Builder, because the input step item is missing from the menu of items.

Here's the ticket I looked up that was identical to my issue:

I've performed the prerequisite steps to enable the Data Transformation feature including making the data source writable, and adding the Data Transformation feature to my System Administrator Role ( I am defined as a System Admin). However the Input step is still missing from the menu of items.

I'm also running v7.4 on the AWS Redshift evaluation license (3 users).

Bottom line is I cannot create an input step to kick things off in the Transformation Flow builder.

Thank you in advance.

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Please disregard the above ticket. I located the ticket that described the bug in 7.4.



Hi Jim,

sounds like you've done some good research in the Yellowfin Community!

Thanks for letting us know.



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