Can Yellowfin broadcast reports to SFPT?

David Registro shared this question 8 years ago

Can Yellowfin broadcast a report to SFTP?

If so, what needs to be set up?

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As of Yellowfin 7.1 (Sept 2015 release), broadcasts can now be sent to a secured ftp site.

There are no additional configuration options that need to be enabled, just create your broadcast as per normal and enter the sftp address.


The reports will be sent to the address as per normal.

For more information on broadcasting reports, please see our Wiki article:


The Yellowfin Support Team.


Hi David,

Awesome, it worked for me with little problem, on the server my home is /u/work/myuserid and wanted to sftp on the home folder and i entered the folder name /u/work/myuserid and it created the folder and sftp the output file /u/work/myuserid/u/work/myuserid/outputfile.txt. so addition folder and subfolder created.

Am I doing someting wrong or system is not understanding the entire path?

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