Can I use Office 365 for user authentication?

Danny Bouwers shared this question 3 years ago

At our company, we are using Office 365 for account management. The few internal applications we use, are all cloud based (services).

To offer a SSO experience, we would like to use the Office 365 credentials to log in to Yellowfin. What are the possibilities? As I mentioned, we mainly use cloud services and thus don't have access to a Windows server. Yellowfin is running on AWS (linux based).

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Hello Danny,

This should be possible, but is unfortunately outside of the scope of general support services (This is usually a paid consultancy service).

However, I do have some further info on how to achieve this:

In Yellowfin:

Office 365:

If you require further help, please let us know and we can arrange for some consultancy for you!

I hope this helps,

Best regards,