BUG REPORT: SQL filters not working on dashboard

Daniel.Eyre shared this question 5 days ago
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To meet the demands of a client of ours to display all their OU structures: I used the filter by SQL query capability to read from SQL tables with their entire OU values.

While this filtering works at the report level; it's not working for the dashboards at all. When me or the client attempts to filter; it returns NO results. This is clearly a bug in yellowfin.

I can painstakingly work around this by doing joins to these tables in the yellowfin views views. But in the meantime; you can add this to the list of bugs in yellowfin.

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Hi Daniel,

Thanks for reaching us.

Can you please explain me bit more in detail, like what information are you extract provide me the steps and screenshots of your implementation?

I have tested this scenario of freehand sql report with filter on the Dashboard and it worked for me.



Please let me know if you have any questions.

Kind Regards,