Blank AJAX error when editing report

Scudfest shared this question 3 days ago
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Recently a client of ours received an error when attempting to edit a report.

The message they received was:

"AJAX Error: "

There were no details. See attached.

The server log contains a message:

YF:2019-03-07 22:21:09:ERROR (ChartFormatAjaxAction:error) - Cannot parse selected field for load chart axis format: null

I am not sure what this could be or how to start to troubleshoot this.

Can someone point me in the right direction?


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This looks like a strange error and not something that I have seen before. Can you please provide a couple of things for me to take a look at.

1. http://yoururl:port/info.jsp (output into a file and attach)

2. Zip of all of the yellowfin logs and attach to the ticket for me to review.

3. Is the time 22:21 correct on the 7th?

4. Does this happen all of the time, is it random or did it just happen once?

Thanks and looking forward to some more info to see if I can find out what is going on here.




Hi Paul,

1. The info.jsp page is intentionally blocked by our server. Would the System Information page in the YF Admin section have similar information you need to see?

2. zip of log files attached.

3. The server time is UTC so the user was encountering issues on the morning of the 8th between 0900 & 1000.

4. I have not heard of or seen this error before. This client mentioned that performance was degraded during the time with delays loading reports and getting logged out. I checked our Redshift history and there were queries that were taking 20-30 seconds to run during that time. I'm not sure if this was large reports impacting their browser (Chrome) or if it was server related.




I cannot see anything significant happen during this time in either logs. It's possible it was related to some sort of Browser caching issue. As there is nothing standing out here it will be very difficult to advise if there was an issue with Yellowfin / Tomcat, but it does look more external to Yellowfin that may have caused this.

Unfortunately the only thing I can suggest here is to keep an eye on it and if it happens again, get back in touch.