Background Tasks and Dynamic Delegation

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We are running a 2 node clustered yellowfin 7.4 setup, and according to the 7.4 documentation:

In DYNAMIC and REPOSITORY modes, delegation of background tasks can be done dynamically. If a node running background tasks fails, tasks will be delegated to another node.

So if above xml-block is set on both nodes, do i still need to modify one of the nodes with the settings below or can i leave them as default installed?



Jan Bothmann

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Hi Jan, Thanks for reaching out with your question. If you are using DYNAMIC clustering and have AutoTaskDelegation set to TRUE, you are not required to make the changes to disable the System Task Manager and Task Scheduler. As per the definition of the AutoTaskDelegation parameter as found in the attached clustering guide:

True/False. This is for DYNAMIC mode only and is optional. When enabled, the Cluster will automatically assign a node to perform background tasks. When this is turned on you do not need to manually configure a node to run background tasks. Yellowfin will turn off SystemTasks on a node at startup if a another node is already delegated to perform this task.
Having this set as TRUE will allow Yellowfin to designate the task node dynamically. Does this address your inquiry? Thanks, Ryan


Hi Ryan,

Yes that was the answer I was lokking for.

Thank you




Hi Jan,

Thanks for the reply. I'll go ahead and mark this as Answered. Please don't hesitate to reach out with further questions or issues.



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