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David Goodrum shared this question 5 years ago

How do I change the date format on a chart axis? I created a chart with a time series horizontal axis with units of weeks. The date labels on the time axis are displaying in format "DD:MM:YY 12:00 AM". I want to change the date format so that the time does not display, and I can't find where to do it.

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Hi David,

the way to change the date format on the chart axis is, within the Data screen of the Report Builder go to Column Formatting->Display->Format, there you will see that the default setting for a DateTime column is "Timestamp":

which displays the DateTime column as you've described, "DD:MM:YY 12:00 AM"


So what you've got to do is to change the Format value from "Timestamp" to "Date" as follows:


and then you'll find that on the chart you'll only see "DD:MM:YY":

I hope that helps you meet your reporting requirements!



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