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In our current setup we work with content folders that require expert approval before anything can be published. In our case, we publish stories in these content folders. We assigned a user group to the content folder as te approver. However, we are having some trouble with the way it works. From the yellowfin documentation we understand that the person with the least amount of tasks gets the approval assigned to them. At the same time, the other people from the approval user group are not able to approve the story. Is this always the case with using an user group as approvers? How does having a user group as approver work differently from having one user as an approver?

Also, we would like to be able to change the approver of the story to another member in the user group. We found that there is an option for the publisher of the story to assign another user as the approver, but this doesn't work. The approver doesn't change whenever we try to assign someone else as the approver.

We're still not sure what the best set up is for our approval process. Is there maybe some more documentation available on this process?

Kind regards, Mirthe

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Hi Mirthe,

Apologies for delay with this.

Unfortunately, the only documentation to configure approval process is in this article:

The approval request will only go to one user from the approval group assigned(The one with the least amount of tasks). However, we can appoint someone else who also have the Approval Admin enabled:


I have tested assigning a different user in 9.7.2 and everything seems to be working as expected.

Please refer to the screen record:

In my example: I have created a sub folder with expert approval enabled (for the administrators group) I have two admins - System Administrator and testAdmin

I have a publisherUser who created stories to be published in the same sub-folder and requested for approval.

When a request is made it was sent to System Administrator, then I have reassigned the task to testAdmin. Logged out and logged in as testAdmin to confirm that the approval request was assigned, then I have reassigned back to System Administrator. Logged back in as System Administration to see that it got reassigned.

And finally, I have logged in as testAdmin to verify that the approval is removed from the queue(as it was previously assigned to System Administration)

Could you please let me know the issue that you are facing with reassigning?

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Hi Mirthe,

Hope you're having a good week.

Just wanted to check-in and see how it's all going. Was there anything you were needing from me to help get this resolved?