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Back with another question. :)

Is it possible to add annotations to line graphs? Like described as best practice in one of your blogs (last column):


To be more detailed. I would like to plot a line graph where specific events are shown as annotations, dots or labels. Anything would suffice to give a possible explanation to trends in the line graph.

Example data would be (from a random product in this case):

Any advice on how to visualize this data in any other way is also ofcourse welcome.

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Hi Richard,

Thanks for reaching out. As of right now, you have to manually annotate data points. You can read more about current Annotation functionality on our Wiki entry regarding this here:

However, I'll also note that there are a slew of feature enhancements that were created by our CTO in our internal tracking system related to this, many of which I suspect will likely be making it into version 8.0, which as it currently stands, is already doing more with Annotations, as the focus is to truly tell a story via data visualization.

Here are some of the tasks being considered:

  • Re-write Manual Annotation creation - New interface to create manual annotation off a tool tip
  • Turn on automated annotation overlay and save preference across sessions - Allow automated annotations to be turned on
  • Create Manual Annotation from dashboard
  • Add Alert Annotations to Charts - Enable Alert annotations to be rendered on a chart - could be the same as normal annotations but maybe a different type so they can be togged on or off. V2 to include multi-dimension etc
  • Add Annotations to the timeslider
  • There's also going to be a new feature called Signal, which will auto-create annotations as well. More info on this will be described in corresponding documentation when 8.0 is released.

We're rethinking the way annotations work, and as you can see, it's being actively looked into, so I expect some major changes in the coming months.

Hopefully this answers your question and gives you what you need to accomplish this for now, but I'd definitely check out the Yellowfin blog intermittently to see if/when any of these changes are made.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.




Hi Mike,

Thanks for the detailed answer!

I'll be looking out for version 8.0 for this particular case.


Hi Richard,

You're welcome. The release date is currently slated for Sep. 15, so mark it on your calendar and keep an eye out!

Since this is being addressed in a coming release I'll go ahead and mark this as Answered, but please don't hesitate to reach out with further questions or concerns.



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