Ability to see Schema/Table of column on the report builder

Jason Huber shared this question 4 years ago

I love being able to see the schema and table name in the columns. How do I get that to carry into the reports? I don't want to rename every column, which is what I have been doing. Is there a way to automatically make that happen?

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Hi Jason,

Unfortunately what you're after is not possible, and I think stems from the issue of having view field names not being named in a user-friendly manner. Not only that, but I think it wouldn't make much sense to most report writers, and they wouldn't have access to the view, let alone know which Schema/Table it comes from .

What I suggest you do in this scenario is review the view in question and see how could you group the fields, or even provide good field descriptions to avoid any confusion.

I think this is the real problem here, and looking at alternatives is really just looking for workarounds.

Getting into the habit of building the views in an easy to use manner is going to be best in the long run for everyone.

Apologies as I know this isn't the answer you were hoping for.

Happy to look into any other methods or issues you may have to help in any way possible.



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