JWT Issuer is causing the authentication issue.

Sridevi Dandu shared this question 15 days ago


We are trying to change the JWT Issuer url to new url. During this process we are facing Invalid Token Exception issue.

We followed the below document to update the JWT issuer url : https://wiki.yellowfinbi.com/display/yfcurrent/Using+JWT+Tokens+with+SSO#UsingJWTTokenswithSSO-ActivateJWTSingleSignOn

We are facing below error, if we could get the support to let us know what configuration is missed from our end it would be such a great help.


Thank you,

Sridevi Dandu.

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Hi Sridevi,

Thanks for reaching out. this looks like a duplicate; you can refer to private ticket ID 29545 for assistance with this. I'll close this one off respectively.



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