Does Yellowfin support PostgreSQL-BDR?

Yuu Asakawa shared this question 12 days ago
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A client is considering using PostgreSQL-BDR (logical replication) for their Yellowfin repository and data source.

It seems that some DDL commands are not allowed or supported by PostgreSQL-BDR.

Please check if Yellowfin uses these DDL commands.

If Yellowfin is using these DDL commands, they need to give up using PostgreSQL-BDR.

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Hi Yuu,

I hope you're well.

This documentation isn't particularly clear as it mixes a lot of what is allowed along with what isn't allowed. If you can compile a list of commands which strictly aren't allowed, I might be able to get a developer to look over it to double check compatibility.

Kind regards,



Hi Chris,

Thank you for confirming.

I copied and pasted the matrix from the documentation into Excel.

I think this makes it easier to filter by Allowed and Replicate columns.

Customer speculates that PostgreSQL-BDR cannot be used as a repository or data source if Yellowfin is using commands where the Replicated column is N.

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