Issue with upgrade of YF 7.35 to 9.8

Hans van Hoogstraten shared this question 17 months ago


We are running Yellowfin 7.35 on a Linux-server with an Oracle-database. When upgrading to 9.8 I run into some issues. The command I use to perform the upgrade:

java -jar yellowfin-

When asked for the installation-dir I enter the current Yellowfin 7.35 install-dir. After this everything seems to run fine without errors and database-objects an filesystem-objects are upgraded. However, afterwards I notice that in the appserver/bin directory the hasn't been changed and also the same Tomcat-version seems to be in use.

When starting Yellowfin with Java version 17 the following error occurs in the catalina.out logfile:

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/sun/org/apache/xml/internal/resolver/CatalogManager

My questions:

- Is it normal that the and Tomcat are seem not te be upgraded?

- What could be the cause of the java-error?



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As a work-around I did the following:

1. Perform the upgrade with the update jar installer.

2. Perform a clean install of 9.8 with the full jar installer into a new db-account.

3. Edit the web.xml of the new 9.8 installation and change connect-info to the db-account that was upgraded during step 1.

Now we have a 9.8 Yellowfin software-tree with a newer Tomcat-version and db-objects have been upgraded. Seems to be working for now,..




Hi Hans,

Thanks for reaching out to support. This was exactly what I was in the process of suggesting when I saw this ticket had an update haha, I've seen instances where the updater or the startup scripts get "mixed up" on where Tomcat is, and a fresh install to an updated DB is the easiest way out. I'll mark this as Answered for now, but feel welcome to send in the update and YF logs from that period to our ftp and reply here for further investigation.


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