How does the product idea process work at Yellowfin?

With the move to the community we now have the ability to share product ideas with a larger group of our customers. As you know, not all product ideas work for all our customers, fit into our product roadmap, or are easy to develop based on our current system architecture. 

However, our goal with the product idea are in the community is to gather more feedback and votes on ideas that can help make our product better for a larger number of our customers. By voting and adding comments to ideas you are helping us to organize changes that matter to you. The process goes like this:

  • Each month we will review the new ideas and the ideas that have the most comments and votes
  • We will determine if the idea is something that fits into our product roadmap or is not planned at this time
  • Our product team will then review in more detail to define how much work it will take to develop the idea in our current product roadmap
  • Ideas will fall into two development tracks: planned for a monthly release or planned for a major release cycle
  • Once the idea is planned we will update the community post with the correct status to let you know how things are progressing

If we flag an idea with 'Not Planned' know that this is not planned at this time. If over time, more votes and comments are linked to an idea then we will revisit the idea and maybe come up with another solution. So keep logging ideas and we will keep listening and implementing what we can as we move our product forward. Below are the current Idea statuses for review: 

  • Submitted – being reviewed by the team during the end of month review process
  • Under review – we like the idea, working to define where this idea might call and the effort needed
  • In progress – assigned to a sprint or major release plan
  • Completed – done and in the latest build
  • Not Planned – not in our roadmap plans at this time
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