Several question regarding Yellowfin

Luca shared this question 2 years ago

Dynamic titles

Is it possible to include certain filters that are selected in the user prompt in the title in a dynamic manner? I have tried several ways of trying this, but so far I have not succeeded yet. I know this is possible in other BI tools like Tableau, but have not found this functionality in yellowfin yet.

Creating a grand total based on the data

My team is trying to create a P&L statement for specific departments and for the company. So far we have created one report and put the different departments as a tabbed section. However, the whole company is not contained in the data (it is basically the sum of all departments). Is it possible to create another tab for this and make sure it is the sum of all the values?

Filtering on certain rows in a table based on the value of the filter.

Ideally the P&L for the whole company should omit certain rows (otherwise we need to create two separate reports). Is it possible to do this in Yellowfin?

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