Makeover Monday - Week 20 - Hours spent in Congestion in European Cities

Ivan Seow shared this question 5 years ago

Our consulting teams across the regions are participating in a popular social data project called Makeover Monday. The way this project works: a new data set is released every week - usually accompanied by a chart - and participants have the chance to improve the chart/story, tell a new one, or simply create an awesome dataviz with Yellowfin.

If you have any questions around the submissions e.g about data preparation, data viz creation, to canvas design - please feel free to comment below. If we get enough common questions around a submission, we might even spin up a blog or video to help!

Week 20

This week's topic is on a dataset showing which European commuters spend the most time in traffic jams. For this week, we have 2 submissions:

82097007e1f798ed2f4c3094babf3aabInteractive version:


Interactive version:

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