Creating Tabbed reports with different dynamic filters

Rachel Ann Chua shared this question 3 years ago

Hi All!

We have a Smart Reporting 20.08 which is using yellowfin.

we wanted to create an outstanding incident report per support groups. which we have achieved through report bursting. however, since yellowfin does not support dynamic email subject, we are forced to stop the scheduling of this report as it sends the same subject line of notifications to our users (including managers).

we are now leaning towards using tabbed report. wherein 1 report would have the outstanding incident of all the support groups of the user to avoid sending many reports to them.

how can we achieve this?

sample for me, i have 2 support groups. my notification would be 1 file with the following tabs

tab 1 : ITSM (support group)tab 2: HELPDESK (support group)

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