Can I Save My Report As A View?

Guest shared this question 5 years ago

Yellowfin version 7.2 introduced new functionality dubbed 'report from report' that allows report writers to save their reports as a view in order to report from that subset of data later. Report from report provides an alternative to using sub queries or virtual tables to solve complex reporting requirements.

For example, the below report contains an aggregation (average) of my number column:


But lets say I would like to apply another aggregation to my column...this is where 'report from report' comes in handy. After enabling the role permission 'Report as a Datasource':


I can then save my report as a view:


When I create a new report, I have the option of selecting the previous report as a view:


From here I am able to apply a second aggregation to my column:


Now this is a pretty rudimentary example, but it does show the power of report from report especially when you consider data sets that contain calculated fields, advanced function, and multiple aggregations.

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