Connecting to Linked Servers in Microsoft SQL Server

Using Linked Servers (SQL Server) in Yellowfin views is possible, and can easily achieved by using this article

Let's walk through the steps:

1. Have a Linked Server set up in SQL Server, on the same server as the reporting database you are connected to/reporting on

2. Establish a data source connection to your reporting database. (again, this database needs to be on the same SQL server as the Linked Server)

3. Create a View using the data source connection you have created. 

4. In the View, pull in a Virtual Table, click the SQL button and add your own SQL to call on tables and fields from the Linked Servers databases and content. You should be using the format: LINKED_SERVER.database.[schema].tablename

5. At this point you can now choose fields like any other table in a View, join this between other tables in your database, and use this in Reports. 

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