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Timeline - story read confirmation

Idea Logged Rebecca M. Collaboration Comments: 1 Reply 2 weeks ago by Mike S.
1 vote

Task content list not displayed in Timeline

Defect Logged Stephen V. Collaboration Comments: 6 Reply 1 month ago by Mike S.
2 votes

Hide Activity stream details from other Client orgs

Defect Fixed Tara W. Collaboration Comments: 7 Reply 1 month ago by Ryan C.
2 votes

Group Mentions Missing from Group Member's Timeline

Defect Logged Eric H. 1 month ago Collaboration No Comments
1 vote

How to turn New Conversation off on dashboard?

Answered Vicky Collaboration Comments: 7 Reply 7 months ago by Ryan C.
1 vote

Remove discussion balloon?

Answered VisionBI |. Collaboration Comments: 3 Reply 8 months ago by Mark M.
1 vote

Create new task, adding linked content left nav bug

Defect Logged Jonas D. Collaboration Comments: 3 Reply 8 months ago by David R.
1 vote

Client org-level sharing of parent-level content

Idea Logged Jonathan A. Collaboration Comments: 2 Reply 11 months ago by Nathan S.
2 votes

Sort by approved status when in browser view

Completed Lee R. Collaboration Comments: 1 Reply 1 year ago by David R.
1 vote
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