Top N in cross tab report

Sadi shared this idea 6 years ago

Allow top N advanced function to be used on top of the aggregated total of a cross-tab report.

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Hi Sadi,

This idea has been officially logged in our system, however not something that has an ETA set against it yet, as it really needs to be reviewed in greater detail.

Though I think I've found a workaround which may work for you.

If you create your report as a row/column based report first, apply your function, then switch it to a cross-tab, the function stays applied.

It's worked in my test, but I have not done extensive testing so unsure if it's also going to work for you.

Can you please let me know if that works for you?




Hi Sadi

We would like to inform you that this issue has been addressed in our latest version. You can find release notes and downloads here -

For now, we will go ahead and mark this ticket as "Completed" for the time being. If you require any assistance, feel free to reach out to us.

Thank you!

Ankit Asati

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