Multiple invalid calculated fields impossible to fix in frontend - Make validation independent

Ingo Klose shared this idea 5 days ago
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Sometimes our calculated fields seem to get invalid when importing a report. Because other calculated fields get replaced by null values in the formula. While it would be good to find the root cause, I would like to address the validation iteself.

It seems that all calculated fields are validated and not a single one. That means you cannot fix the problem in the frontend, since more then one calculated field is broken and they cannot be fixed simultaneously.

The only work around I dound was to actually "edit" the formula in the repository DB directly. :-(

So the idea would be to only validate the calculated field that is currently edited/changed and get rid of the dependency on the other fields. (We noticed the bahavior in 7.35)

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Hi Ingo,

While I appreciate the level of detail you have provided, and understand the issues you have faced, there are no immediate plans to modify the import behaviour with calc fields. it's not to say that it won't change, but as of now, it's simply not on the road map.

As I'm sure you're aware, the import/export process can be quite fiddly, so there is no simply answer, though something that will be discussed the next time we revisit the import/export module.

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Hi David,

There is a missunderstanding. I don't propose to change the import. I would like you guys to think about the calculated fields validation and saving routine. Because at the moment you can't repair a report, when more than one field is broken. 

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