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russell.brown shared this problem 2 years ago
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In a dashboard I have a filter that I have added directly to canvas that initially is visible on preview and when the dashboard is saved, but when the dashboard is edited again, the filter will disappear on preview and when subsequently saved and viewed.

To get the filter to show up again, I had to make some visual change to it. I found that if I moved the filter box a couple of pixels left or right, it would then show on preview.

To find this issue I followed these steps:

  • Create a report with a filter
  • Create a canvas dashboard and add the report
  • Drag a filter onto the canvas and select the filter from the report
  • Save the dashboard and see that the filter is visible
  • Edit the dashboard and the filter is visible in edit mode
  • Preview the dashboard and the filter disappears

I have not been able to replicate this on a new dashboard using ski team or liquorio, but I have an example on a hosted environment that I have given access to.

Access details have been added as a separate note.

I have attached screenshots of the issue, and have also included the HTML/JS/CSS of the page along with HTML outputs of the filter working and not working.

From the Inspect window it seems that the div with a class='filterList' is just not populating.

This was found using version 9.3.1. Info.jsp is also attached.

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Hey Russell,

I hope you are well & have had a lovely week so far!

Good news! - This issue has now been resolved as of version 9.4 :)

You can now upgrade or install 9.4.1 to get the expected results you are looking for !

I will go ahead and mark this ticket as 'Defect Fixed'

Best Wishes,



Hi there,

We have a customer who is experiencing the same issue in YF 9.6.2.

Kind regards,