Can you change a format of a row metric, column by column

Siim Neljandik shared this question 2 days ago
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I have a report that has rows of metrics and additional columns with union joins. On some of those Union columns I would like format the metric like a percentage and in others like a numeric value. On the percentage columns I am currently already using conditional formatting to add in coloutrs.

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Hi Siim

Thanks for contacting Yellowfin! I've tried to mock up something hopefully similar to what you're looking for - essentially you should just need to drag in the row or column in multiple times, and format them separately. E.g. here I have Age of Camp featuring twice and have formatted one as a percentage and the other as a numeric value. It shouldn't make a difference if you're using union subqueries, just include the field for once each type of formatting.


Let me know if that helps! Otherwise if something you're trying isn't working out, let me know and if possible, send a screenshot and I'll see what I can do.

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