Auto-timeout of user sessions

Dean Flinter shared this idea 2 years ago
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Currently Yellowfin has a timeout period set for users who are not interacting with the system, but there is an issue if dashboards are used that auto-refresh.

A user could be logged into the system and dashboard but not ever be logged out.

The scenario would be as follows:

  • A User logs in and opens their Yellowfin dashboard. Maybe on a secondary screen for monitoring.
  • The dashboard is set so that the reports refresh automatically every 30 second.
  • The user leaves their desk or goes home and doesn't log out. Instead they lock their screen.
  • The dashboards will continue to refresh and query the database.
  • If the source is paid per query (such as Snowflake) then this could rack up unwanted costs.

Would there be a way to set a mandatory timeout period for users regardless of if they are interacting or now?

Or, would there be a way to separate out the requests made as either manual runs of a dashboard or auto-refresh runs made by the system?

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Hi Dean,

I hope all is well,

I have gone ahead and logged this as an Enhancement with our development team.