Yellowfin and supported Java releases

Yellowfin has, and will always support the latest Java releases (whether that is Open JDK or Sun).

There is however an exception for Java 16, which is not currently supported. We are working on this and will provide further updates in the coming releases. 

Something to keep in mind, as with any new product release, if the version of Java is only weeks old, it could mean that it has not gone through full regression tests on our side.
However in saying this, Yellowfin will always aim to resolve any issues that have arisen due to Java updates, asap. 

In terms of older Java releases, this is where there might some incompatibilities as some of our newer features will require more recent Java versions. E.g. Yellowfin 8 will require Java 8 or above. 

If you have any concerns or questions please let us know.

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