Why do I receive the message 'Your license has been breached'?

This usually means that a license parameter has been breached, e.g. Too many users, license installed on a different machine, etc. 

In order to identify which parameter has been breached, please send across a copy of your license details to sales@yellowfin.bi

You might also see a red warning triangle in your license details page...

When you see an exclamation triangle, it means this area of Yellowfin needs to be looked at, as you may have breached your license.

In the example above, the expiry date of the license has passed. Ii also shows 3 more report consumers than allowed, 29 writers and 27 dashboard users. In order to rectify this, you will need a new license with a valid expiry date, and to either delete the extra Yellowfin users/dashboards, or request the license file to be changed.

NOTE: If you have this symbol next to 'Multicast', it simply means multicast functionality has been disabled. You will be able to login to Yellowfin, and use all areas.

What is Multi-cast for?

Multicast is used specifically for broadcasting options. If enabled, you will be able to broadcast reports to 'unnamed' users. 

Eg. Broadcast to an email address that doesn't belong to a user in Yellowfin. You will also be able to broadcast reports to an FTP site.

Why do I have a number in brackets for consumers?

Technically, in Yellowfin there are 2 types of users; readers and writers (Dashboard users are just readers with dashboard access).

The number in the brackets is the number of consumers you can still use in your installation. If you look at the first screenshot you can see that:

Consumers = 198 (265)
Writers = 99

You can also see that there are already 32 writers in use. So the formula is:

'Consumers + Writers' - Current writers in use,  198 + 99 - 32 = (265)

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