What is a Geopack and how can I get help creating my own?

Where do GeoPacks come from?

The data used for the packs come from different external sources, help from our global partners, and our own development teams. When the request comes up we for a new public or private data set we can accommodate.

The process starts with the data set that is typically sent to us by a partner, or a request from a customer, to create a specific Geopack for a specific region, market, or need. 

Once we have the data that is presented in the required format, see link below, the data is compiled by our development team, tested, and then packaged up and made available to the customer for private use, or in some cases loaded on our Market Place

If there is a Geopack that is not listed on our site, or you need a private Geopack for your direct customers, you can actually source this data yourself and pass it along to Yellowfin so we can package it up. It you want to post your Geopack on our Market Place, please let our team know and we can accommodate this request. 

In order for us to create the Geopack we need the data compiled and sent too our team:

  • The Geopack can be made available publically for free or a fee on our Yellowfin Market Place. 
  • To build the Geopack we need the data formated as outlined here,  GeoPack Format

For more general info on how Geopacks work, you can check out the Yellowfin Wiki here: GeoPacks

The following article may also provide some useful info: GIS Resources

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