Slow Navigation, logins, or slowness at particular times of the day/week.

Slow navigation may be the result of several different areas within your Yellowfin environment. Understanding where you experience slowness can help us to understand and mitigate the effects.

One of the first questions to ask, is has the environment always been slow? 

  • If yes, then jump ahead to the relevant section below.
  • If no, before you jump to the below section, ask yourself the following;
    What has changed recently that might affect your environment?
    This could be related to yellowfin directly such as, though could also be a change with your network infrastructure or database server. Once you have some ideas, then jump to the relevant section below. 

Logging in for the first time

Does the system seem to hang when logging in, and is this only for particular Users or Client Orgs? One thing to consider is that it might be related to the type of authentication you are using. If you are using another type of Authentication such as LDAP, there may be something wrong with the LDAP server, or the configuration of the LDAP connection in the Admin settings in Yellowfin.

Another thing to consider is the content loading when you login, which is especially true for dashboards

Navigating the Browse Page

Does the environment take a long time to load the list of content, when navigating to the Browse Page? One thing to consider here is how many Views/ Dashboards/ Reports are being displayed. Has this increased recently? For example, have there been an increase in the number of Reports created recently by your Users? 

Another thing to consider is are you using a multilingual environment with many different pieces of translated content? Depending on how many languages and pieces of content exist within the environment, this may take some time to load.

Navigating to the browse page is an area that utilising caching, so checking the EventCache and TranslationCache by navigating to the /info_cache.jsp page might help to identify whether these caches are full. You can adjust these settings using the instructions found here.

Performance issues at certain times of the day

If you experience slow navigation at certain times of day, there may be resource-related issues with the environment. 

For instance, if there are times of day when many users are running large reports and Broadcasts are being sent to many different Users, this may cause the rest of the environment to run slower than usual if the CPU and memory are being utilised in other areas.

Checking the Session Management, Schedule Management, and Background Execution pages from the Admin Console might be able to help you understand the tasks being performed at that moment. In order to resolve this, consider moving Broadcasts to different times, or increasing server capabilities. The attached set of Reports (schedules.yfx) can be imported to give an idea on the frequency of specific Scheduled Tasks. 

 When in Doubt

If you're not sure where to start or how to proceed, do not hesitate to open a support ticket including as much information as you can, especially the core pieces of info outlined in the 'Gathering Required Information for Further Analysis' section here

We are trained to help you through your issues, and most of us don't bite! We are here to help ensure your success with our product.

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