Master Change Log: v7.3 Plus May 2017 through

Below is the running change log for v7.3Plus. We will update this knowledge base article each month that a release is sent out. At the bottom of the post are the original release notes for v7.3Plus. To download the latest available versions login to the Yellowfin website here, Portal login access...

With the release of v7.3Plus (5/26/2017) we will have two branches of the v7.3 version available until the end of September. We plan to combine v7.3 and v7.3Plus into one release for September 2017. Once the two versions are combined we will only have one release of v7.3 available to download going forward and we will combine the change logs into one version. 

Latest Release Change Log update:

Yellowfin BI 7.3 Plus - build 20170908
7.3 Plus August End of Month Patch
Published: 8 September, 2017

Enhancement: 12

6867 - Added functionality to change the default opacity on scatter charts to 30%.

6192 - Added a functionality to sort fields on a chart by the order of grouped data.

6348 - Updated bundled Apache Tomcat to version 7.0.79 for Yellowfin 7.2 and to version 8.5.16 for 7.3 and 7.3+.

6242 - Added a functionality to choose Client Organization, Category and Sub Category when copying a report.

4895 - Added formatting features: set the report cell border styling as a global settings for each client and allowed customization on a single column of reports.

6910 - Added an option to configure list of languages to be shown in the GUI installer and in the Yellowfin GUI where languages can be selected for Content Translation (Configuration > Region > Language Settings).

6363 - Fixed an error by removing the database connection resources and making database drivers available in the drop down selection.

6253 - Added a functionality to save errors to the database in the events table.

5690 - Added a functionality to let database schema be toggled to be visible on the view build page.

5525 - Added the ability for system to pick up PostGres comments.

6278 - Added support for the TiDB repository, currently in beta.

Resolved Issues: 24

6156 - Fixed a problem in which filter information was being passed to co-display report when filtering on a timestamp field.

7469 - Fixed an error message when saving a draft report while in a draft folder, kind of a one off but we want to make it right.

7400 - Fixed an issue with the ability to edit joins after new Tomcat version update added structured controls.

7126 - Fixed a JavaScript error that appears while navigating on the chart builder page.

6807 - Fixed an error in which the Advanced Subquery gets deleted, when a field linked to an Advanced Subquery report is deleted from the master report.

6550 - Fixed an issue where the color widget would not change and would cause a report to break, now fixed!

6447 - Fixed a problem in which the multi-pie report chart labels are not mapped correctly when swapping the series order.

6351 - Updated the 'Apache-Commons-FileUpload' library from version 1.3.2 to 1.3.3.

6209 - Updated xstream library from version 1.4.9 to 1.4.10.

6159 - Fixed an issue that would not allow you to save a report after install into a Sybase ASE environment.

5446 - Fixed an issue in which the GIS points on a google map were rendering as the color black, rather than the series (or configuration) colors selected.

5185 - Added a functionality to include converters from advanced subquery child reports.

5148 - Fixed an issue that occurred when resetting checkbox filters on the dashboard: the return data was correct but the filter values were not being reset.

5076 - Fixed an issue in which private reports were not deleted when the creator account had been deleted.

7414 - Fixed an issue around view security with some users not able to create reports having read only permissions for areas that they should have access to create.

7409 - Fixed a problem with Data Source substitution that was not working correctly.

7321 - Fixed an issue linked to a javascript workflow that was causing the canvas widget to not be able to be placed in the background.

7196 - Fixed time zone issues when using eval() function used in js.js to create drop down list with options for user, this has been fixed.

7052 - Fixed an issue that occurred when creating a conditional format rule where the between operator would incorrectly identify the second value as less than the first.

6988 - Improved the performance of the Export page UI, allowing it to manage large number of items.

6854 - Fixed an issue to make Dynamic clustering working again.

6534 - Improved and cleaned up javascript functionality when running Google closure compiler.

6520 - Fixed an issue within the CSV view when opening another window, you can now upload a file on the edge of the screen.

6239 - Updated language translations for Chinese and Japanese.

Yellowfin BI 7.3 Plus - build 20170728
7.3 Plus June End of Month Patch
Published: 4 Aug, 2017

Enhancement: 8

443 - Added a feature to display report name to browser window's title on report editing pages.

5308 - Added a token to the canvas text widget text replace system that will allow users to add column or row totals to a canvas text widget.

592 - Added an enhancement so that on-line charts, both time series and categorical, the user can select for each chart whether null values should break the line, skip the value or treat null as zero.

5490 - Added an enhancement that will now allow you to set user prompted Report Parameters through web services.

5481 - Added functionality so now a warning message will be displayed if an html report broadcast email is larger than 10MB.

5954 - Added support for Google Maps via Web Services

4943 - Added two new configurable settings for long running report popup options being displayed or hidden. They are now based on user roles, client default settings and individual settings.

5531 - Fixed the behavior of the Share and Broadcast configurations so that only the Link type is available when JavaScript charts are present.

Resolved Issues: 40

5534 - Added a check for null value to prevent NPE in a particular scenario when sorting result set.

5894 - Added background color settings for report data (Content Settings -> Report Settings -> Styles -> Data).

6115 - Added functionality so Google BigQuery now supports time and date data types.

5683 - Added functionality so that user without the right to create a new view (button not available) can now select the last element in the view list when creating a new report.

4658 - Added some more escaping of the report name to prevent JavaScript pop-ups.

6066 - Changed the admin approval tooltip text in Role editing to content approvals instead of report approvals.

4688 - Fixed a problem in which a cloned view would not inherit a filter value case set when getting copied/cloned.

6021 - Fixed a problem in which lengthy approve descriptions took up all the space and hid the approve button in expert view approval.

5732 - Fixed a problem in which the omit option wouldn't work in boolean filters when 'allow omit' is enabled.

5410 - Fixed a problem in which watermark images were disappearing from private reports.

5301 - Fixed a problem so stop a SQL exception from appearing when grouping is applied to a numeric column.

5463 - Fixed a problem to allow the content folder on the browse section to be displayed on the left in the mobile browser.

6015 - Fixed a problem to improve performance in the View Builder's prepare section and stop it from lagging.

6001 - Fixed a problem when creating advanced function in charts page, it throws NPE

6056 - Fixed a problem where all the reports would disappear when importing a dashboard tab from an old version of Yellowfin (6.2), when trying to edit/copy the dashboard tab.

4797 - Fixed a problem where custom colors would not get applied to charts when setting them to series.

6116 - Fixed a problem where the timestamp format was not correct in the JDBC Driver (but not to other data sources).

5239 - Fixed a problem with access filters showing twice in the report builder.

5938 - Fixed a wrongly translated label for View(s) in Portuguese

5872 - Fixed an error that caused Conditional Formats with a background color and a font color to be shown incorrectly in the Conditional Format Legend.

6533 - Fixed an image loading issue in the report builder.

6411 - Fixed an issue on the export page where it would take a long time for the list of content to load in the export content panel.

6518 - Fixed an issue regarding selectable options when applying icons in conditional formatting.

5576 - Fixed an issue so that multiple folders can now be created using Japanese characters, instead of only one being saved.

5389 - Fixed an issue that caused some dates to be displayed in server time instead of the user's local time zone.

6169 - Fixed an issue that sometimes caused a JavaScript error on the report details popup.

6071 - Fixed an issue to prevent some misleading error log statements when an auto chart has no fields.

6538 - Fixed an issue to stop deleted data sources from appearing in the client org source substitution list.

6270 - Fixed an issue when a very large value for the InitialWaitTime parameter would cause report execution to be cancelled.

5799 - Fixed an issue where an error would occur when upgrading to 72 (20161031) using Oracle Database.

6173 - Fixed an issue where Client Orgs would not appear in the data source substitution menu section even if they had sources which were available to be substituted.

6177 - Fixed an issue where the report did not take into account the order of the Groups when grouping data.

5818 - Fixed an issue where the report search panel would appear blank when creating a new dashboard.

6905 - Fixed NumberFormatException error when using some third-party data sources.

6314 - Fixed problem rendering KPI Icons in dashboards.

5557 - Upgraded Jquery to 3.2.1 as well as JqueryUI to 1.12.1

6084 - Fixed alignment of the stepped line charts, so they now have the horizontal portion of the line centered above the category.

6086 - Removed the option to add line shapes for series on Stepped Line charts.

6088 - Enabled the Average and Accumulation functions for Stepped Line charts.

6085 - Fixed an issue so the default order of series in the legend should now match the order that the fields are in.

6087 - Fixed Trend and Forecast functions that were not appearing on Stepped Line charts.

Yellowfin BI 7.3 Plus - build 20170630
7.3 Plus June End of Month Patch
Published: 30 June, 2017

Enhancement: 6

5688 - Additional web service to copy a report.

5414 - Exasol database support

054 - Phoenix database support improved

616 - The report output container now is of fixed height, so it is scrollable without moving all the UI elements.

5928 - Added functionality so that Variance and Set analysis fields are now able to be used when sorting a dimension value by a series.

5871 - Added Javascript Chart support to the Javascript API

Resolved Issues: 32

5083 - Resolve the issue on time series brushing linking

5649 - Fixed an issue where advanced statistical functions that use a date as pivot control would not work on the correct axis.

5768 - Broadcast scheduler works fine. Time zone mistake.

6118 - Exclude the option Reference Code in the drop-down list when the field has a parent filter and the option 'Dependent Values' is on.

5647 - Fixed a problem that Jasper reports never have next/previous buttons to go to other pages in Report Output page

59 - This is not a defect

48 - We have resolved an issue that was causing an empty value list of a dependent filter which relied on a date range parent filter's selections.

5710 - Added a leading zero to the month number in the default export filename when required.

5704 - Added new option to the export menus of dashboards and reports for adding the current content to the user's export list.

5708 - After a successful export, stats are shown like on the import page. Shows total, primary, and dependency item counts

5717 - After a successful import, there is now another screen which allows the user to exit, or to continue and choose another file.

5706 - Changed text for save template option in export

5707 - Export complete popup now doesn't close automatically. Instead users can choose to exit or continue.

5709 - Export list is now cleared on successful export

6030 - Fixed a Null Pointer Exception when using an Is Null or Is Not Null conditional format on a meter/thermometer/dial chart.

5315 - Fixed an error that caused an incorrect Date example to be shown when using Dynamic Dates in Conditional Formatting

4758 - Fixed an error that didn't properly remove conditional formats when changing a report to a cross tab

5057 - Fixed an error when closing the conditional format edit popup that caused unsaved changes to not reset properly

6033 - Fixed an error when validating basic conditional formatting rules that sometimes allowed an invalid rule to be validated

6002 - Fixed an issue when removing a field that was used in a Canvas Widget Conditional Format.

5847 - Fixed an issue where creating a google GIS map and selecting 'center' color range, and not entering a center value would cause the google GIS map to not render

6102 - Fixed an issue where Javascript Charts where they did not work with advanced subqueries

6099 - Fixed an issue where the aggregation was incorrect for an auto chart version of the numeric display

5822 - Fixed an issue where the option to color a chart by conditional formatting colors would appear when no conditional formats had colors set.

5833 - Fixed an issue where the target value on a meter chart would use the measure field's formatting instead of its own.

5981 - Fixed the problem and now predefined filters default values can be set

6094 - Fixes an issue with the incorrect height/width being used for a Javascript chart when the Javascript chart is used on a canvas more than once, and each chart is a different height/width

5711 - Import type selection element now resizes down smaller to fit the size of the text

5295 - We now show the "Show the drill through may break" warning when the user changes aggregation of a filter in the child report. This is because change in aggregation may cause drill through to behave differently. Imagine passing an (avg. age) value to a (count age) filter. Also made changes so that filter and field aggregations are shown along with their names in the Related Reports linking area. This is for both source and target of the drill through relationship"

5979 - The issue encountered when generating an auto line chart with trend functions has been resolved during development of an updated build.

5712 - Visual Improvements in Import/Export page

6025 - Fixed the problem and now predefined filters default values can be set

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