How to update Yellowfin on Linux and the AWS marketplace instance.

This guide will provide you instructions on how to update Yellowfin on a Linux server or our provided AWS marketplace instances.

1. Contact Yellowfin technical support via Email or the support center and ask for the latest available jar for the purpose of updating Linux.

2. Log into your Linux machine using a terminal/SSH, such as Putty. Putty is available for download here.
AWS Marketplace Instance Note: When you first created your instance on AWS, you were prompted to create or use an existing private key (PEM file). If you do not have the private key you will NOT be able to gain access to your machine and will not be able to update Yellowfin. The default username is "ubuntu". For help connecting to your AWS instance see here.

3. Using the "wget" command download the latest patch to your Linux server. EG:

4. Shutdown your Yellowfin instance using the "" file. Typically located by running this command:
sudo /opt/yellowfin/appserver/bin/

5. Backup your Yellowfin instance and Yellowfin database. This way you can roll back if something goes wrong.

6. Run your downloaded update using the "sudo java -jar filenamehere.jar" command. EG:
sudo java -jar yellowfin-20160223-update.jar

7. Follow the prompts in your Terminal. If using the AWS marketplace instance, when asked for the installation directory enter: /opt/yellowfin

8. Once complete you will see "Patch Installation Complete"

9. You can now start Yellowfin, typically using the command:
sudo /opt/yellowfin/appserver/bin/

Should anything not work as expected, please contact support or roll back Yellowfin to the backup you took earlier.

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