How to connect to the Yellowfin via the iOS App

Before using these steps, you should make sure you're device can get to your Yellowfin server as mentioned in the following article How do I connect with the Yellowfin mobile app?

Step 1.

Download and install the Yellowfin iOS app from the App Store.
Just search for “yellowfin“

Step 2. 

Click on the menu tab at the top of the screen and click on Connections.
Notice the ‘Yellowfin Demo’ as mentioned in the following article

Step 3. 

Click add and you should be prompted to fill out your connection details.
The required parameters are;
Connection Name: Just name for the connection.
User Name: Yellowfin user name.
Password: Yellowfin user password.
Server Address: This should match the URL you used in your connection test.
Organisation: This is only needed if using Client Org functionality. If so, enter the Org Name. 
Connection Timeout: How long should the app try to connect to your YF instance before giving up, if it cannot connect.

Example of connection details used, without Client Org functionality.

Step 4. 

Test your connection to confirm it's ok, and then save.

Step 5.

You should then be brought back to the connection list. 
Ensure your your new connection is ticked and hit done 

You should now be connected to your Yellowfin instance. 

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