How to connect to the Yellowfin via the Android App

Before using these steps, you should make sure you're device can get to your Yellowfin server as mentioned in the following article How do I connect with the Yellowfin mobile app?

Step 1.
Download and install the Yellowfin Android app from Google Play.
Just search for “yellowfin“

Step 2. 
Open the Yellowfin app, and you will be presented with the Connections screen.
To connect to your instance of Yellowfin, touch the Add Connection button.
Notice the ‘Yellowfin Demo’ as mentioned in the following article

Step 3.
nder the Instance settings, add a name of your choice to the ‘Instance Name’ section.
Under the ‘Server Address’, add the address of your Yellowfin instance
This should match the URL you used in your connection test.

Once this information is entered, touch the Save Instance button, and you will return to the ‘Connections’ screen.

Step 4.
On the Connections screen, touch the tickbox next to the instance settings so it displays a blue tick symbol, then touch the Go button. 

If connection is successful, you will be presented with a Yellowfin login screen.


Step 5.
Enter your Yellowfin username and password, and touch the Login button.

You should now be connected to your Yellowfin instance. 

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