How do I export and import private reports?

Private reports are not included when performing an export. A simple workaround is to mark each private report as public, perform the export, and mark each report back to private if you desire. This method should work fine where there are a small number of reports, however, may not be feasible when working with many private reports.

Another way to export private reports is through using the Configuration Database. Please find instructions below using a MySQL Data Source. The syntax should be very similar regardless of which DBMS you are using.

  1. Run a query on the Yellowfin Configuration Database to identify all the reports currently set to private, work out which reports belong to which user and save this list.
    SELECT * FROM ReportHeader 
    WHERE ExternalAccessCode = 'PERSONAL' AND ReportStatusCode = 'OPEN';
  2. You can then change these reports to public temporarily, enabling them to be exported. It might be a good idea to temporarily stop users from logging in during this time, to avoid any changes to the reports.
    UPDATE ReportHeader
    SET ExternalAccessCode = 'CORPORATE', 
    IpOwner = 1 
    WHERE ExternalAccessCode = 'PERSONAL' AND ReportStatusCode = 'OPEN';
  3. When the reports have successfully been imported into the new instance of Yellowfin, you will need to set the reports back to private, and assign them back to their correct user. You will need to find the new IpOwner identifier for the user, as it will be different in the new instance. 
    UPDATE ReportHeader
    SET IpOwner = 13001,
    ExternalAccessCode = 'PERSONAL'
    WHERE ReportId IN (70049,70048);

Yellowfin does not technically support any changes made to the Configuration Database, and it is always recommended to perform a full back up as any changes may result in irrevocable damage. 

If you require further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to the Support Team, and one of our friendly representatives will get back to you shortly. 

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