Create Your Own Connector

Creating Your Own Connector

Third-Party Connectors allow for Yellowfin to connect to any data source and return tabular data that can be consumed and displayed as tables and charts. Data can be retrieved from any source via file access, API access, or data that is embedded in the connector itself. Most implementations are expected to make use of web service APIs, third-party web applications, and SAAS providers.

Yellowfin builds and publishes connectors for people to use, but what if you have a special data source that you want to connect to? The good news is that you can build your own connector! This is done by implementing Yellowfin's third-party Java interface. 

The attached document (Building a Connector.pdf)  should get you started on building your own connector. However, creating a connector is a complex, development intensive process. Please take this into consideration when deciding to pursue a custom connector. 

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