Yellowfin v7.4.9 is now available for download

Lee Roquet shared this announcement 2 weeks ago

Our dev team has completed an update for the 7.4 version. Review details below. Access as normal through the YF portal. Thanks

Review change log notes here...

Yellowfin BI 7.4.9
Build: 20190205
Published: 5th Feb 2019

Resolved Issues: 7

13714Fixed an issue on the report builder that caused issues in some cases when the report had no fields in it yet.
13578Fixed an issue where additional tooltip fields would erroneously aggregate on category charts.
13400Fixed an issue that prevented grouping data for freehand sql calculated fields.
13269Fixed an issue where labels on GIS Google maps would appear as broken images.
13125Fix predefined filters not being generated correctly for time and timestamp fields.
12973Fixed JSON error on report design page when opening the co-display formatting panel.
13434Fixed an issue that would prevent a user from editing a calculated field on a report with advanced sub queries.
13650Fixed problem where publishing a report based on a cloned view led to a performance issues.