Yellowfin 9.1 is now out for all to enjoy!

David Registro shared this announcement 2 months ago

Yellowfin 9.1 has been released and is available on our downloads page!

Our release notes are also available here

Looking at upgrading to 9.1? Please let us know.

What’s new in 9.1?

For details on what is new in 9.1, along with a highlights video, check out our blog here

Yellowfin 9.1 provides further enhancements to key product areas and advances the analytical user experience for action-based dashboards, data storytelling, and reporting.


New Signals Code Widget: For those who have access to our Signals product, Signals can now be added to a dashboard via a customizable Signals widget. The widget can be filtered to only show signals relevant to the data on the dashboard so that the signals complement the reports on the page.

Enhancements to Quick Charts: We have added more quick charts to the list including scatterplots, maps, heatgrids, and overlay charts. We have added more chart-specific configurations in the properties panel and provided a quick access button to the advanced builder - making it easier for analysts and developers to build simple and advanced charts on the dashboard

Simplified sharing: Dashboard sharing has been simplified to enable users to set security permissions and share recipients without editing the dashboard.

Undo, Redo: The dashboard builder now supports undo and redo for multiple changes on the dashboard canvas.

Enhanced Code Mode Security: Dashboard Code Mode gives dashboard builders and software developers the ability to integrate actions and extend the capability of their dashboards using familiar coding languages. New configurations and role functions have been introduced to ensure developer code for Code Mode within dashboards and presentations are secure and editable by trusted users.

Data Storytelling

In Yellowfin 9, we introduced Yellowfin Present, allowing business users to easily create compelling, data-rich presentations that combine live or static reports, charts, text, shapes, video or images within a governed analytic architecture.

In today’s 9.1 release, we introduce Present Themes. You can now design your slides upfront and save them as Themes, allowing other users to reuse them for different presentations or individual slides.


Action buttons, introduced in Yellowfin 9, allow dashboards users to trigger events and perform custom workflows on dashboards. Due to popular demand during beta testing, action buttons are now also available on tabular reports.

Other enhancements to our reporting include a new Sparkline Advanced Function and Formatter, providing a new visual way to convey business performance within a tabular report.

Didn’t keep up to date with Yellowfin 9? Here’s a list of what’s available

As always, we welcome feedback and and questions on our latest release.


The Yellowfin Team