Yellowfin 7 has now reached end of life

David Registro shared this announcement 3 months ago

Version 7 of Yellowfin has reached EOL (End of Life)

As 2020 comes to a close, so does support for Yellowfin’s v7 series. Yellowfin v7 was introduced in 2017 and brought with it the introduction of Assisted Insights, Data Transformations, and was an industry-leading step forward from our previous versions. While it has been a great three years, it’s time to move on and make room for our expanding v9 series.

What does EOL for v7 mean?

Don’t worry, we still have you covered while you plan your move to our latest version, albeit at a limited capacity. Depending on the nature of the request, the support team may ask you to move to a supported release before providing further support. For defects/ideas, the focus will be on validating the request on a supported release to confirm the item has (or has not) been resolved. For general how-to questions we will direct you to our product wiki.

What can you expect with the end of life of our v7 series? No regular updates/patches for this release will be publicly available as of January 1, 2021. Critical security vulnerabilities will be reviewed and resolved via security patches where applicable.

What can I do if I’m still using 7.4?

You are welcome to stay on 7.4, keeping in mind the above support changes, but we recommend that you work with your Customer Success Manager to define a plan for upgrade. We have helped hundreds of customers make the move from v7 to our latest releases. We can offer a variety of support to ensure a smooth upgrade experience.

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You are also encouraged to book a demo with your customer success manager to walk you through how a move to v9 could help drive adoption, increase value, and change how you present your data to your end users or customers.

As always please reach out if you have any questions.