v7.3 EOM September is ready for download....where did the 'Plus' go?

Lee Roquet shared this announcement 3 weeks ago

The 'Plus' is dead! 

See what happens when you get too cheeky and creative for your own good. We have learned our lesson and realize that this should never have been allowed, we are going back to our normal numbering scheme and promise to never never venture down this road again. 

For more details on the merge, what features are combined with this release, how to tell what version you are on, and the recommended best practices for upgrading...please read this article. 

Now on to more exciting news! 

The EOM September v7.3 is out and ready for download. Please review the master change log article (link below) for details on enhancements and fixes included in this release. 

As outlined in the article above this version is a merge of the v7.3 and v7.3Plus branches and if you are currently on an older version of 7.3, please review the changes to the product before you plan an upgrade. If you have any questions please reach out. 

v7.3 change logs