v9 November Release Planning Update

Lee Roquet shared this announcement 19 days ago

After nearly two years of product development, Yellowfin 9 is nearly here. Join us for the Virtual Summit “Rethinking Innovation in Analytics” on November 21 to hear all about it and see the product in action - as well as some exciting expert panels discussing the state of innovation in analytics and BI. Find out more about session details and register for the Summit here.

Be sure to pick the right track for your time zone!

What happened to v8.1 and a major number change to v9?

Our development team fit so many enhancements and new features into this release that it is worthy of a full point release. Though there are far too many new features to list here, the release will include : a Dashboard Canvas for pixel perfect design,and Code Mode for ultimate customization and flexibility to extend the capability of your dashboard experience. Heads up on the replacement for Storyboard called Present to create data-rich presentations within a secure, governed information architecture. Remember the Mobile App that was launched in v8.0.3? That’s included too and so much more to impact your end user experience.

What is the migration path from v7 or v8 to v9?

With the significant enhancements to Yellowfin 9 we want to make sure you have the best experience possible when you upgrade. Please contact your local CSM to discuss our recommended migration path.

How do I get my hands on v9?

Due to the massive changes in v9 we want to spend extra time with you to understand your current deployment and work with you to outline how to get the most out of your BI investment. We believe this release marks a shift in how you and your end users will consume data, but more importantly how you are able to use data to improve adoption, reduce costs, and grow your business successfully.

Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager directly, if you do not know who your CSM is please email with your account details and our team will assign you (customersuccess@yellowfin.bi). Your CSM will walk you through a few process steps around business impact, v9 product review, and/or access to the v9 migration planning pack. Our Support Desk team can also connect you to your CSM.

We look forward to sharing v9 with you and your end users. Please join us at the the Virtual Summit to experience the impact v9 can have on your BI roadmap.


The Team at Yellowfin