The all new Yellowfin Hub!

David Registro shared this announcement 3 months ago

What would you like to see in the Yellowfin Hub?

We are excited to announce that an all-new online HUB for Yellowfin users, customers, and partners - The Yellowfin Hub - will be launching soon! The new space will expand the current Yellowfin Community beyond a support system to bring new features, rich content, user groups, events, gamification, and meaningful interactions.

We would like to take this opportunity to say thanks for being part of the current Yellowfin Community! As part of the transition to the new space, the current Yellowfin Community will go into read-only mode starting in August. More detailed announcements will follow.

Ahead of the launch of the new space, we would love to learn about your experience in the current Yellowfin Community, and where you think improvement could be made for a better experience so we can build the best possible ecosystem for you, in the new Yellowfin Hub.

Take the survey to tell us your likes and dislikes with the current community and what you would find of most benefit to you in the new Yellowfin Hub ecosystem.

For any specific thoughts or ideas, you would like to share, feel free to directly email Andreea Sfarlea, Senior Community Manager, at

We look forward to connecting with you soon in the new Yellowfin Hub!

The Yellowfin Team

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